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Product Description

  • 7″ rechargable wireless LCD monitor
  • Record up to 720p HD video with audio
  • Weather resistant HD cameras featuring Infrared LEDs with range up to 15m for night use
  • 500 lumens white LED to light your way and for added security
  • 6W white LEDs with equivalent light output to 60W halogen
  • White LED light comes with manual, motion and timer activation
  • Remote access with free apps for iPhone® , AndroidTM smartphones, iPad@, tablets
  • Programmable notification alert
  • Manual, motion triggered and scheduled recording
  • 2-way audio intercom
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras

Technical data

  • LCD: 5V DC 2A Poweradapter (+/-5%)
  • Camera 9V DC 2A (+/-5%)
  • RF range: 150m (line of sight)
  • Quad view
  • PIR trigger and video motiondetect alert
  • SD card not included

How to install a professional security system without knowledge in video surveillance?


Faced with rising delinquency and increasing number of burglaries, the security of homes has become a necessity. The intrusion of his home, far beyond the material damage caused, is experienced as a rape of intimacy. The aftermath can be considerable from a psychological point of view and especially on the quality of sleep. Not only are you dispossessed of goods whose sentimental value is irreplaceable, but also of your peace of mind.

Fortunately, today’s technological advances have democratized video surveillance while offering you the opportunity to intervene quickly. Do not just rely on a simple alarm, with an affordable price and a simple installation and use, the high-end kit HSIP6000 from Switel does not require you to call a professional.


A complete wireless video surveillance kit with full IP camera


This kit includes a portable, rechargeable HD large format tablet, the monitor that allows you to view and record images produced by a weatherproof metal outdoor surveillance camera. Equipped with infrared LEDs with a range of 10 to 15 meters for night observation and six powerful white LEDs to illuminate sensitive areas and accesses, this IP camera also incorporates motion detectors.

And this is the advantage of this configuration compared to other systems of protection, an extremely sophisticated camera connected to a wireless computer network, to which you can easily add three other cameras (not in the starter kit) depending on the size of your home.


The advantages of the HSIP6000 monitoring system


To ensure simplicity of installation while guaranteeing you maximum functionality, this system is designed wirelessly with high image resolution.

It is easily piloted from a free application, compatible with iOs and Android. Everything is configurable from the monitor or the application, such as programming the white LEDs, or recording images, either manually or automatically, when detecting movements.


This keeps you in control of your system for maximum protection, from home or remotely, regardless of your computer skills.


Equipped with a two-way audio communication device and an alert trigger in case of anomalies within your home, this kit is complete, deterrent and effective.

With it, you have an installation at an affordable price, in comparison with offers from alarms specialized companies.

Today, alarms have become indispensable due to the growing risk of burglary, but they are unfortunately not always enough. The IP outdoor surveillance camera offers additional guarantees, in particular thanks to its remote use, as well as some useful proofs for the Police in case of an intrusion.

Network video surveillance operating day and night that can be triggered after detecting movements, is no longer reserved for an informed and trained public. Within the reach of all, it ensures the protection of your property and people.