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Vita TV-L2BT

Product Description

  • Regulable and graduable earphones
  • 110dB amplification
  • Tone enhancement
  • NFC for Easy Pairing
  • Bluetooth multipoint connection for Handsfree / TV / Music
  • Ambient amplification
  • Charging desk and direct charging for mobile use
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

How to combine hearing comfort and privacy with the Switel TV-L2BT wireless headset? 

Hearing loss related to age, illness or accident, is a major source of discomfort for the hearing impaired person and his entourage in everyday life and especially in front of a television set.

However, there is an easy-to-use solution that allows anyone with hearing problems to fully enjoy their favorite movies or programs without disturbing the neighborhood. The TV-L2BT is a high-end, high-performance model. Thanks to its different settings, the sound quality is always impeccable.

A multifunction hearing aid 

Enjoying good listening capabilities by listening to music on a tablet or iPod, watching TV or talking on a mobile phone is a way for the hearing impaired to set aside his handicap and regain his habits of life. For this purpose, the Switel headset adapts to each person with a tone equalizer. It is thus able to produce sound amplification up to 110 dB without any distortion.

Choosing a stethoscope headset with wireless connectivity means opting for optimum comfort 

Forgetting the inconvenience caused by hearing problems involves forgetting the assistance of the device itself. For this reason, Switel offers a stethoscopic, lightweight and wireless model to allow users to move freely within a radius of 10 meters from the base, while enjoying maximum ear comfort and Without being inconvenienced in case of wearing glasses. Moreover, its long autonomy of approximately nine hours when it is fully loaded is a non-negligible advantage for all the big consumers of music and the cinema lovers.

Ease of use and Bluetooth connectivity 

It is unpleasant to spend hours decrypting a manual to finally have to call for help to relatives. This is especially true when you get older. It is therefore essential that a headset, supposed to give back the pleasure of watching television programs, does not come to waste everything with a long and laborious start. The TV-L2BT is particularly suitable and appreciated by elderly people for its ease of use. Whatever the TV, its connection is a real child’s play. In addition, its Bluetooth connectivity allows easy pairing with one or more devices.

Listening in complete privacy 

Like all headphones, the TV-L2BT is an amplification solution for all hearing-impaired people, but not only … It is also a useful device for the well-being of all members of the family, may they or not suffer from hearing loss. By simply respecting the desires and the needs of each one, and more particularly the need of silence, it offers a precious tranquility and serenity. It thus becomes the ally of generations X and Y.

This Switel headphone with tone equalizer and wireless connectivity delivers clear sound without distortion and interference. Useful for the privacy of the whole family, it is especially appreciated by hearing impaired and seniors for the significant improvement that brings in their daily life and especially when they want to enjoy their television.

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